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Promotional Flyer
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Naming | Branding

"TEDxYouth Countdown" is an independently organized TEDx high school subsidiary aimed at amplifying voices from the local community on ideas worth sharing.

As a TEDx event, consistent branding is a necessity. Following the Countdown event concept and color palette in video editing, the typical TEDx red and black was intermixed with Nature Green and Midnight Teal to bring our talk's subject into focus.

Video Editing

TEDxRewired Tech Promo
TEDxYouth@PHUHS Countdown Trailer
TEDxYouth@PHUHS Countdown Talk: Carolyn-Claire Bridges | Personal Choices
TEDxYouth@PHUHS Countdown Talk: Joseph Dorsey | Urban Agriculture and Food Security in the Age of Climate Change
TEDxYouth@PHUHS Countdown Talk: Tom DiLiberto | Mapping Urban Heat Islands


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